Faith? What is it? The bible says that “Faith is the thing hope for and the evidence of things not seen.” I do not proclaim to fully understand it, even though I see and know what it is saying and what it means. Knowing and living it are two different things. It may sound cliché but the truth of the matter is walking, living, breathing, dreaming, eating and thinking faith is not the easiest to do. For instance, the disciples were with Jesus on a boat, crossing the dead sea, when a storm broke out; as this storm was raging, Jesus was still sound a sleep, however, the disciples were up in arms or their faith went out the window because they were face with a situation that was real and the possibility of death was certain, at any moment and yet their rabbi was still sound a sleep. You see, when faced with issues and/or circumstances that are real and pose a threat to your well-being, you tend to go with what you know and care about, not what makes you feel good or feel positive about life.

So, going back to the story, they woke Jesus up, frantically, and screaming, not being on their square and being out of character, that they were about to die and that He, Jesus, should do something. Well, as you may well have heard or know, Jesus came through by speaking to the storm and commending it to be still, meaning that he basically told the wind to stop playing around with their feelings, and once the winds died down, which was instant, he turned to them and said “ye of little faith,” pretty much saying that they could have taken care of this just as he did if they only believed in themselves and in their God-given authority; no sooner after that he went back to sleep.

To have faith does not mean that you need to muster up some sort of strength and/or courage from somewhere and create a sort of false reality, instead, it is knowing that aside from survival instinct, I can do something about my faith or destiny and I don’t have to take hand me downs any more or accept what I see and/or know. In essence, faith, too, is inherent to us and in us just as survival is, we just choose survival more often than faith.

Going back to what I mentioned earlier, that is easier said then done because I have been so accustom to falling back on survival mode when cornered that I do not really know what it means to stand on faith when I need to make something happen. I end up turning like the disciples, I loose my sense of thought; I become irrational and fear grips me, which in turn plunges me to survival mode. I am coming to the realization that surviving is not living and just because I have a car, roof over my head, bread to eat, clothes to wear and somewhat of an income, does not mean that I am living. I am still surviving. When was the last time you followed and/or chose your passion over a sure thing. Having; no, instead, choosing faith, rather than survival, means to forgo safe and comfort zone, preferably we should choose passion (what it is we are passionate about) and knowledge (what we know to be true).

You may think you know this, then take a look at your life and tell me that you are where you have always wanted to be and are doing what you have always wanted to do. You are probably thinking about the saying that “there are many starving artists out there,” however have you thought about those who are not starving because that is their passion and it shows in their art. Many artists who are starving are doing art for the wrong reasons, meaning that art is not their true passion and their hearts are not truly with it or in it. For instance, I use to think that I wanted to be a preacher. I saw myself on a podium preaching the gospel and wowing people and having crowds of people listen to my sermons and getting them save. However, this vision was not God sent, one, and, second, it was not my passion but what some people in my family wanted and my wanting prestige. Finally, I woke up and found out that I love computers and I love helping others, so I will do everything I can in computers and do everything I can with helping others, like this blog for instance…

As I am writing this to you, I am also speaking to myself. For far too long I have allowed myself to walk, live and sleep lack, well no more. I choose Faith today, even though I am still lacking much knowledge on what that means or entails. I use to always say, even to my cousin, whom hopefully you all will get to meet one day on this blog and one day in Fortune Magazine, that I have always walked in faith but I am only now really walking in true faith because this blog is part of that walk…

Well, this is it for now… Signing off…


Love Unconditional…


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