Got Cracks!?

Got cracks!?

Well, I went on a walk around the neighborhood and will walking at was looking at everything I could take in. See, though I love walking, I do not do it much nor do I do it enough of it when I do go out walking. Nonetheless, I looked on the ground and saw cracks throughout the pathway I was walking on and thought of how true that is in my own life. I have many cracks in my life that I either patched up or band-aid the heck out of them but never took the time to break the pathway of my life open and then completely redo the road or that section or sections of my road. It dawned on me that if I go throughout life, like this then many others do the same and because of that end up not knowing why, what or when this or that happened or happens in others or my life. So today, I am taking a moment to breathe, review and fix what can be fixed now and forgive myself and/or others, mainly myself, for what is too old to undo and re-fix. I learned that I am to live everyday the way I want, need, and desire to while at the same time not effecting or affecting others’ life in a negative way. I am leaving in truth and truth, as they say, hurts but it’s a good hurt because then you are no longer blind and/or ignorant of what is and isn’t in life. So, if you got cracks, fix what you can and forgive the rest and move on for the past cannot hurt you anymore and it already thought you the lesson you needed to learn, as I am learning and have learned today.

Love Unconditional


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