Collecting People

We indeed are not alone. Let us share our thoughts, ideas, interest and opinions for only through communication can we attain new heights.


This morning I had what felt like a mini-revelation to me as I was sitting in the living room looking at the world atlas.  This started because yesterday I saw a picture with a quote from Peter Deunov (1864-1944) who was from Bulgaria.  Well, I thought of my friend Bina, who is from Bulgaria.  I always forget how I found her exactly, but we definitely are connected.  So I shared that picture with her, and she wrote back with some info on the dance of life – Panevritmia in the Rila mountain, that happens each August 19 in Bulgaria.

So, I’m looking at Bulgaria, thinking of Bina, and then I look at Romania and think of Martin, and Turkey and I think of Mahasti.

Then I’m reminded of how Isa from Portugal and Mike from Greece helped me find something yesterday.  It just took us a few minutes to figure…

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