256 ~ Lost

Fairytale Epidemic

I don’t know where to start
And that’s a good feeling
Bless my heart
I’m lost, I’m reeling

Fishing to find
What I’ve misplaced
So I set foot
The steps I retrace

Beautiful wilderness
River, how you make me
Shiver when you undress
Bewilder and break me

Cupping my hands
To drink you in
An insatiable desire
Of moisture against skin

Taste, drink, swallow
Ignorance, life’s cocktail
Rising to the head tomorrow
Knowledge leaves a trail

Of breadcrumbs
In this drawn-out quest
To rediscover oneself
Or get washed like the rest


So Aka Teraka had this wonderful idea of doing a duet together. It is my first time working on a poem with someone, and I am honored to have had the opportunity to join two minds together. A week-long project in the making, but here is the completed work. ♥

 One more day like this
Could change everything…

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