Find (and Eat) What Works for YOU (reblog)


Here’s the exact same message I keep hearing, just coming to you and me in the midst of a different subject area… yourself, listen to your own body, find what works for YOU.  Stop depending only on external guidance and following one-size-fits-all programs.  Take that information, and think about it, and then figure out whether or how it works for you. 

This is such a basic principle, but it’s the opposite of how most of us have been taught to interact with the world. 

Why A Raw, Vegan Chef Does NOT Follow A Raw Or Vegan Diet

original post found here:

Today, instead of sharing a recipe, I’m sharing a rant. And I’m sharing it with love in the hopes that if you’re struggling at the moment, it helps you move confidently in the direction of your most vibrant, fulfilled…

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