Whose Truth is Right?


How does one determine the Truth?  Is there such thing as Absolute Truth?  Does that even matter?

Many people associate the idea of Truth with Right and Wrong.  The Truth is Right.  We are talking about Facts here, and Facts are Facts, and Truth is Truth.  The End.

But, as the blackboard in my local burrito place says, “We don’t live in a World of Reality, we live in a World of Perceptions. “  Google says Gerald Simmons said that.  And once you delve into what’s True in the Real World, that Truth seems to get a lot more complicated.  In a World of Gray, it depends.

Does everyone have to agree on what is True?  I am personally sure that there are Universal Truths, but I suspect many of them are beyond our complete understanding.  There are Laws of Physics, for example, but our understanding now will certainly evolve…

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