199 ~ the Last Something that Meant Anything

Fairytale Epidemic

When you walked away from me
Once upon a time
You left a little girl whose heart turned to stone
To grow up with riddles and rhymes

They say that words can heal a soul
So I spilled the ink, and I spilled it fast
Hoping it would drown the pain
Hidden in the pages of paragraphs

But when the past refuses to be buried
They will raise from the ground like spikes
In a graveyard full of memories
At night is when they’ll strike

With puncture wounds in my hands
I realized I was still holding on
Because I wanted to be just like you
Until I saw that it was wrong

Being heartless doesn’t make one better
Being cold doesn’t make one free
And the passing years have proven
That the stronger of us two, was me


Photo Credit: murtherer

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