Get To Know Us!

Truth is in our living, breathing, thinking and doing. We may have watered down, forgot or just plain buried it under much of the experiences, hate, pain, lies, deceit and bad decisions of our lives but truth never left us. I have come to realize that truth comes out of the mouth of babes, or children, and we, as much as age may say otherwise, are just children at heart and therefore know truth when we see, hear and feel it. Ekhava hopes to rekindle the child like detector in us to enable those of us who choose to, to live a happy, fulfilled, and accomplished life. We all have too many regrets buried in our what ifs? Could haves? Should haves? So isn’t it about high time that we release those shackles that bind us to old, draconian, debilitating ways and thought. We are about truth and truth is all that we seek, dream, hope and ask for. We do believe in a great and wonderful God. We don’t ascribe to any religion but we do respect them. We are all about love as well, so why would we admonish faiths, religions, and people and/or people’s lifestyle(s). The tenets of life, faith, culture and religious order do have commonalities that we agree with and on which we, or I, have chosen to expound upon because the basics of life are, to me, the beginnings or foundations of truth. Ekhava will be drawing from all aspect of life and present you with thought-provoking and life changing words and truth, since truth is raw, real, uncouth, to the point, liberating and still loving, when done with pure and true motives :-).

Well, I welcome you to Ekhava and I hope that you find thoughts, poems, essays, novels (lol), and opinions thought-provoking, interesting and worthy of further thought, research and time.

Love Unconditional…




The Breeze

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