Misty Copland: Ballerina becomes first African American to perform solo in New York for 20 YEARS | Mail Online


Status Update by tdjministries on Facebook

You must be a person who is relentless – always abounding in the work of the Lord. Relentless is a word I use to describe people who will not take no for an answer! They try things one way, and if that doesn’t work, they try it another way. But they don’t give up. You, who are about to break beneath the stress of intense struggles, be relentless! Do not quit!


Where there is truth there is love ♥

It is said that “truth will set you free” and love also liberates so I agree with this statement of “where there is truth there is love.” Another thing love and truth share is that they are both unconditional. I know people tend to use them as weapons of mass destruction, as manipulative tools but we have innate in us the ability to spot the evil and bad in these people and their statements so let us no longer be fooled. Let us call truth and love what they are, selfless, unconditionnal, pure, helpful, real, uplifting, peace, life changing… A truth told half way is a lie told fully for the purpose of ones self righteousnous and selfishness.