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This is awesome. A school conformed to nature not nature having to conform itself to man-made things. I definitely need to take a page from this. I need to apply it both inwardly and outwardly to be one with nature as much as possible and when possible. Regardless to which faith, dogma, or religion one ascribes to, we all came from the earth and if we were to live and walk in harmony with nature, many of us would be further along in life, spiritually, myself included. However, this is a good read, pretty short. Hope it gets you thinking.


Love Unconditional…


LA Times – Jamie Dimon and the porn actress teacher



The double standard in our culture today. Why do we set the bar so high for some and not others? Why do we set a bar at all? We should not compare, differentiate, deliberately set apart people because of race, economic, gender, and/or faith status. When we accept people for whom they are and not for who they used to be or even who they aspire to be, we can then learn to love them and help them where they need help, when they ask for it and only intervene when they cannot help themselves. Let us walk in love.


Love Unconditional…