GOOD Lite: Ask Yourself: Why Do You Do the Work You Do?

GOOD Lite: Ask Yourself: Why Do You Do the Work You Do?

Are you passionate about what you do? Do you yearn to wake up the next morning to tackle what it is you decided to commit yourself, your life, your being to? Are you purposed for what it is you do?


238 ~ Questions

Will you still love when I undress and all you see are the scars and marks of many fought battles.
Will you still love me when I choose to look more within instead of without and all you can do is be there for me.
Will you still love unconditionally, with all you’ve got and all you are.
Will you step in the hornets nest with me and help me clean out my closet and still be in love with me!

Fairytale Epidemic

Will you still love me
If my smile isn’t as bright
If my eyes do not shine
And my laughter isn’t as light

Will you still find me beautiful
If the tears stream down my face
If the only sounds that escape
Are of pain and of disgrace

Will you still want me
If you hear all my stories
If you can feel the darkest parts
And see me without the glory


It is so easy to love
Someone happy and secure
But to love me for me
For that I am unsure

Skeletons smile from my closet
As they hang by their necks
Mistakes are made one after another
Oh so simple but complex

For I am a mix of colors
Though shades of grey do fit me best
But will you still love me
Once you see my soul undressed?

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Dimension Shifting as an Aspect of Empathy

Great piece. I would take it even further. As I have said before, acceptance will take you past the many barriers mentioned. The only obstacle would be self. When you accept someone for who, or what, they are you know enough about them to communicate with and love them. Once communication has been established I find out what we have in common and make note of what we don’t and choose to focus on what it is that can and will bridge us and forge a sting bond inspire of the small differences we may have.

This road is much harder but worth it.


Remember, it’s all metaphor, especially when you get to the point where words just don’t seem to do the job anymore.  You know it, you feel it, but you can’t really describe it adequately.  Well, to me, the idea of “dimension shifting” is one of those things.

Celia Fenn describes this idea in one of her channels of Archangel Michael.  First you have to be familiar with the idea of dimensions (see another of her descriptions here).  Maybe a simpler or more familiar way to think about the idea of dimensions is to use the word levels, levels of awareness or perception or spiritual development.

Each of us has moments where we are more “together” or grounded or comfortable in the place where we are.  Then we each have times where we are stretched or out-of-place or uncomfortable.  Sometimes we “rise to the occasion” and sometimes we “sink to…

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We are all appr…

We are all apprentices in a craft where no one ever becomes a master.

Ernest Hemingway

Love this quote by Hemingway. As I “master” the different areas in my chosen field(s), I know that I will never be an expert, rather a student for life. To me the title of expert signifies the end of continued learning, discovery and curiosity, which in itself is death. Death may not be physical, it is still death and handed down by self.

Love Unconditional…