Sleeping Stranger Subway Picture On Q Train Defines Empathy And Is A Lesson In Being Good

Sleeping Stranger Subway Picture On Q Train Defines Empathy And Is A Lesson In Being Good



Dimension Shifting as an Aspect of Empathy

Great piece. I would take it even further. As I have said before, acceptance will take you past the many barriers mentioned. The only obstacle would be self. When you accept someone for who, or what, they are you know enough about them to communicate with and love them. Once communication has been established I find out what we have in common and make note of what we don’t and choose to focus on what it is that can and will bridge us and forge a sting bond inspire of the small differences we may have.

This road is much harder but worth it.


Remember, it’s all metaphor, especially when you get to the point where words just don’t seem to do the job anymore.  You know it, you feel it, but you can’t really describe it adequately.  Well, to me, the idea of “dimension shifting” is one of those things.

Celia Fenn describes this idea in one of her channels of Archangel Michael.  First you have to be familiar with the idea of dimensions (see another of her descriptions here).  Maybe a simpler or more familiar way to think about the idea of dimensions is to use the word levels, levels of awareness or perception or spiritual development.

Each of us has moments where we are more “together” or grounded or comfortable in the place where we are.  Then we each have times where we are stretched or out-of-place or uncomfortable.  Sometimes we “rise to the occasion” and sometimes we “sink to…

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