“No wireless. Less space than a nomad. Lame.” — cmdrtaco,, 2001, reviewing the first iPod

“$400 for an Mp3 Player! I’d call it the Cube 2.0 as it wont sell, and be killed off in a short time… and it’s not really functional. Uuhh Steve, can I have a PDA now?” — elitemacor,, 2001, responding to the original iPod announcement

These quotes are from‘s website/blog. The article that I was reading is titled, 1.0 Is the Loneliest Number. Well, while reading that article and at the same time Stemmings’ essay, Don’t (an essay which will light a fire under your butt even if you are just a designer in training or aspire to be and do anything in your life, regardless of age), something came to mind: Fear of Failure or, its cousin, sister, brother, whichever, Fear of success. I remember when I was to start this blog, I thought who would read it? Who would care? Who would take the time to read the “essay’s” I write? However, so far I am seeing a steady up-tick in viewer-ship and those who follow the blog. So, reading these blogs prodded me to write this and to also share the sites so that others can read them and refuel themselves and do what it is that they want or have wanted to do.

Fear of failure.

What can I say about that!? Well, every ideas and thoughts that come to mind are ones that I know could have worked, since I see this app here, that site there and this product over here working for the ones whom were not afraid to follow their instincts regardless of test or market research. So, my downfall was doing the opposite of Nike “Just Do It” motto. I nitpick the heck out of those ideas and thoughts to the point that I overwhelmed myself and gave up, eventually, since nothing was being done and I had not only become my own worst enemy but crippled myself in and with FEAR.

Fear of success.

The opposite of failure!? Hugh!! who would have thought that one would actually fear succeeding in his endeavor?? [Hand raised] I am right here, the one who actually thought that he actually succeeded in his endeavor(s) would be a problem since he probably would lose it all again and have to go through this struggle once more [scratching head]… You see I come from a family that was well of, in the islands, and then came to not. So, in my mind I have rationalized that succeeding would bring in more pain than I am willing to deal with since I went through it already. [shaking my head], such was my state.

Thank god for knowledge, wisdom and understanding. Reading on Matt Mullenweg‘s (who by the way gave us WordPress :-)) and Stemmings’ sites were a welcomed breath of more fresh air. I had already started to work on the many ideas that I had years ago, which I did write down, and the updates to those ideas, since we are further along in technology. LOL… I am so happy that we have great people, minds and doers who, even though they may not know everybody they touch, are indeed great mentors, regardless of age, sex, color, religion or creed!!

Hope this also helps someone else to start over with a peace of mind. By no means is it easy to just pick up from where you left things or gave up but ONE DAY AT A TIME, works just fine.


Love Unconditional…


The point where…

The point where all things were possible. The moment when a choice was made or an action taken the breath inhaled before the first step forward and the most lasting chain reactions that are started by those moments, and actions and choices are always the ones that are started by love.
– Jake

I heard those quotes from Touch, a show on fox, from episode 4: The Road Not Taken, by the way this show can be viewed online from fox. I started watching this show and could not stop nor wait for the next one because this show speak of faith (trust), believing (again trust), acceptance, or the beginnings of it, and Love. The show, so far, reaffirms how I need to continue on this road less traveled; this journey that I have embarked on, that I am on, and that I will be on, for probably the rest of my life, this road/journey called LOVE.

So, what does walking this LOVE journey require? Well, I want to enjoy the earth and the fullness thereof and I trust that this would require Living, which at the age I am at the moment, I have yet learned how to do. I want to stop walking in fear, hate, prejudice, hopelessly, and faking it till I make, which I do not believe in nor in doing or applying in my life anymore. So, to stop these would require Overcoming self. A tall order!… but possible :-))

I want to be a doer, not just a thinker and/or researcher, so that means going Viral, no not like a disease but more like purposeful, in every part of my body and every area of my life with all that I am learning. Finally, no matter my age, I must not rush this process, journey and/or learning experience, just to catch up, make up the time and/or to prove others’ opinions or thought of me wrong. I have to leave the past, present and future, something quite hard to do, however, for this to happen it would mean acquiring an Eternal mindset, that is where I believe I am part of, walking in and living through, since my soul and spirit are not finite but eternal, as being part of the Great Spirit

I love it when a show gets me looking in instead of out because solutions, answers, hopes, dreams, visions, LOVE… are within. I am no philosopher, however, I am learning to think like one because I was designed and as far as I can tell, designs invoke thought and thoughts lead to questions and questions lead to seeking and seeking brings you to answers and these answers, whether you like them or not, proven or not, should bring about reverence which is what, in my opinion, philosophy really is and does for the one called a philosopher.

Love Unconditional…


Happy new year. May this year bring you greater joy, peace, love, wisdom, understanding and knowledge. You are of great importance and you do have something to share with the world or just those around you or who come into your life, even if for a moment. Remember that if the universe, god, or evolution did not see a need for you then would you be here today. You made it here and you are still here, so do not give up if you think you are tired; keep going if you think you have arrived; help another if you think you have done everything you set out for in life. Let us help, guide, share, love, fight and then make up, hold no grudge against one another. God bless.