Shades of Gay

In this video iO Tillett describes her experiences growing up, unboxed, undefined and just being herself. Watching this video got me thinking of how much I still do live in a boxed up environment, as much open-minded I had believed myself to be, I have much to learn, grow into, understand and truly LOVE. After seeing this, I can say that my ex-wife is neither gay, straight or bi but herself. I have come to understand her a little bit more and what she has to fight with, within herself and the environment(s) she finds herself in.

Do watch this video for it will open your eyes and help you see that we are hurting other human beings.

Love Unconditional…


So true, even a child when born requires some level of touch and love to keep going and it seems to be the same when one get to old age. So, why not apply it in between as well?

Love Unconditional…

Lateral Love

“Where there is love there is life.” ~ Mahatma Gandhi

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