Constitution 101


It seems that today, authorities use these additional powers given them to harass kids, regular folks, and start censoring and moving toward more of an authoritarian state because of such broad powers. The kid did nothing wrong, and I doubt their was any obstruction of justice or whatever they wrote down in order to try and prosecute the child. If we do not stand for something we will fall for anything. This wrong and they know it and so do we. They need to release the kid, apologize and the prosecutor and the police officer need to be fired. Is this the “moderate encroachment” that our President says he is OK with. Look, I may love the guy, speaking of the President, but I do not agree with what he has now fully ushered in through his incessant defense of a wrong doing. Now, local law enforcement and officials seem to be following suit too. All in the name of “security” I bet.

Monsterous aftermath

Monster tornado devastates Oklahoma town; at least 51 dead | Reuters – Mozilla Firefox.



I pray that the missing children are found and I hope that the death toll does not rise any higher. Even one lost of life is high. I am lost for words…

How to speak on tragedies with our kids

With what is going now in the world, I believe that our kids should be made aware so as to feel as being part of the continued life cycle. They will ask questions because they will hear of the tragedy even if you try to shelter them from it. Hope this will help on the journey to teach our children on the world today.

Kids’ Music that Doesn’t Kill Brain Cells

Kids’ Music that Doesn’t Kill Brain Cells.

When my daughter was born, even before then, we played jazz, classical, some blues and R&B music. Eventually, we also ended up putting on some Einstein music CDs, which were pretty good. Our daughter loves Chris Botti, Josh Groban, as do we. However as she is growing up, now 8yrs old, likes many different music but still clings to those she use to hear when she was younger.