Sticker shock often follows insurance cancellation

Sticker shock often follows insurance cancellation

my grandmother’s plan seems to have been cancelled as well and was told that she would be able to use the plan to get in home care from the nurse she has been using for a while now. If that does not suck, I don’t know what does. My only iss…ue with Obamacare was the individual mandate, but after seeing how close to home people are affected by that law I pretty much hate it now. Politicians just know how to lie to people in order to get their agenda moved forward. White house officials and, from what I understand, most of the federal government does not have to be in that exchange so the people get screwed again. I know some people are getting lower premiums, but their deductible are high. Some of these people, as a read, are happy to have found lower premiums and/or subsidies but the real issue will come when they have to pay that deductible for anything major and only then will they see how bad this is. I still would not say defund or repeal the law, since there are a lot of good policies in it too, I just want it fix pronto.


Political correctness and why I hate it!


Got your attention! Well, I hope so because I think that political correctness is just another form of hypocrisy and lies. Political correctness gives people the ability to hide their true feelings and therefore, if you are not really keen, giving them the ability of stabbing someone in the back. I remember when I was hired at Best Buy, the manager at the time, Jewish, told me that he did not like black people but wanted to hire me. I thanked him and we had no issues with each other because I knew where he stood and where I stood. I am a hard worker and I do my job and there was nothing to nit pick there. I carried myself professionally, because that is who I am, and there was nothing to nit pick there either. That manager grew to like me and we were good. He still had his prejudices but him and I were on equal footing. I never feared him and never disrespected him. Eventually he was moved or promoted, until that time we were good with each other. Political correctness promotes lies and I hate that. I rather know that you are a racist, homophobic, bigot and just a hateful person so that I know who I am dealing with and get to choose if I want to keep dealing with you or not and it also lets me know where you stand.


I have known people who have prejudices against people of color and I had no problem having dealings with them because I knew where they stood and they knew where I stood. Of course some of those dealings ended up with me being made the bad guy but that does not stop me from dealing with people, regardless of their hang-ups. What those experiences have taught me is that there are people that you can only trust or deal with to a certain extent and no more and others you can depend on, to a certain extent and no more. Like that I am able to befriend and/or associate with many different people with no problems.


In all, I choose to not take things personally, unless being directed towards me with an evil intent and/or that person wants to cause me harm, then I deal with them accordingly. I love truth. Give me truth and I will be ok. Does it hurt sometimes? Yes and I rather that because I end up liberated versus walking, living, and working around distrust, lies and deceits.