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303 ~ Oh, so you have a list?

Not walking the path that all seem to follow may be hard but true love demands it. When you walk, live, breath, and speak true love you then find your true self and, maybe, even your true love.

Fairytale Epidemic

You say you want a certain kind of girl
That you have it all planned out in your head
But one day I’ll help you to realize
I’ll be the best thing you never intended instead

Some people make lists
Of what they want to see
What they want from a lover
To be exactly how they want them to be

Besides the important things
Like faithfulness and trust
Respectful, kind and caring
Those things are definitely a must

But to the rest of the things
I find them all lame
People aren’t lists
No two individuals are the same

If I end up meeting someone
Who thinks inside the box
I want to show them what it feels like
When true love really knocks

Write stories in their book of life
The ink spilling in rainbow hues
Be the greatest adventure they’ll ever have
To which they’d have no…

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