Nick Hanauer – “Rich People Don’t Create Jobs”

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Published on May 17, 2012

Via Business Insider: “As the war over income inequality wages on, super-rich Seattle entrepreneur Nick Hanauer has been raising the hackles of his fellow 1-percenters, espousing the contrarian argument that rich people don’t actually create jobs. The position is controversial — so much so that TED is refusing to post a talk that Hanauer gave on the subject. National Journal reports today that TED officials decided not to put Hanauer’s March 1 speech up online after deeming his remarks “too politically controversial” for the site…”.


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The double standard in our culture today. Why do we set the bar so high for some and not others? Why do we set a bar at all? We should not compare, differentiate, deliberately set apart people because of race, economic, gender, and/or faith status. When we accept people for whom they are and not for who they used to be or even who they aspire to be, we can then learn to love them and help them where they need help, when they ask for it and only intervene when they cannot help themselves. Let us walk in love.


Love Unconditional…