Broad Law under the guise of child protection!?

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“No wireless. Less space than a nomad. Lame.” — cmdrtaco,, 2001, reviewing the first iPod

“$400 for an Mp3 Player! I’d call it the Cube 2.0 as it wont sell, and be killed off in a short time… and it’s not really functional. Uuhh Steve, can I have a PDA now?” — elitemacor,, 2001, responding to the original iPod announcement

These quotes are from‘s website/blog. The article that I was reading is titled, 1.0 Is the Loneliest Number. Well, while reading that article and at the same time Stemmings’ essay, Don’t (an essay which will light a fire under your butt even if you are just a designer in training or aspire to be and do anything in your life, regardless of age), something came to mind: Fear of Failure or, its cousin, sister, brother, whichever, Fear of success. I remember when I was to start this blog, I thought who would read it? Who would care? Who would take the time to read the “essay’s” I write? However, so far I am seeing a steady up-tick in viewer-ship and those who follow the blog. So, reading these blogs prodded me to write this and to also share the sites so that others can read them and refuel themselves and do what it is that they want or have wanted to do.

Fear of failure.

What can I say about that!? Well, every ideas and thoughts that come to mind are ones that I know could have worked, since I see this app here, that site there and this product over here working for the ones whom were not afraid to follow their instincts regardless of test or market research. So, my downfall was doing the opposite of Nike “Just Do It” motto. I nitpick the heck out of those ideas and thoughts to the point that I overwhelmed myself and gave up, eventually, since nothing was being done and I had not only become my own worst enemy but crippled myself in and with FEAR.

Fear of success.

The opposite of failure!? Hugh!! who would have thought that one would actually fear succeeding in his endeavor?? [Hand raised] I am right here, the one who actually thought that he actually succeeded in his endeavor(s) would be a problem since he probably would lose it all again and have to go through this struggle once more [scratching head]… You see I come from a family that was well of, in the islands, and then came to not. So, in my mind I have rationalized that succeeding would bring in more pain than I am willing to deal with since I went through it already. [shaking my head], such was my state.

Thank god for knowledge, wisdom and understanding. Reading on Matt Mullenweg‘s (who by the way gave us WordPress :-)) and Stemmings’ sites were a welcomed breath of more fresh air. I had already started to work on the many ideas that I had years ago, which I did write down, and the updates to those ideas, since we are further along in technology. LOL… I am so happy that we have great people, minds and doers who, even though they may not know everybody they touch, are indeed great mentors, regardless of age, sex, color, religion or creed!!

Hope this also helps someone else to start over with a peace of mind. By no means is it easy to just pick up from where you left things or gave up but ONE DAY AT A TIME, works just fine.


Love Unconditional…


White man’s democracy is a black man’s dysfunction

White man’s democracy is a black man’s dysfunction.

‘“In Aboriginal affairs, do you think there’s a bit of something in the environment that makes advocates feel as though they have to join teams in this discussion? You’ve got the anti-welfare mob, you’ve got… it just seems to me to be very factionalised. Do you think that’s because the environment is very conflict heavy at the moment or it’s just the way these discussions are evolving?”…’

“There’s two things that are particularly galling about this line of questioning. The first is that it borne from a style of thinking of which many mainstream journalists are guilty, and have expressed to me personally: Aboriginal communities are dysfunctional because Aboriginal politics is toxic, and riven with bitterness, feuding and lateral violence…”

My question, well maybe more of an observation, after reading this is, are we, African-Americans, suffering from the same idioms in our own environment and if so then why are we, or am I, not doing anything to counter it? We will never have another Malcolm X, Martin Luther King, Jr., Rosa Parks, and the like, so we, or I, need to do something for ourselves, or myself, and in the process bring up another brethren and sister as well, instead of “crab barrelling” our own kind or another; period. Pretty much I need to look out not only for myself but for the next brother and sister as well and even warn them or advise them. They do not have to take or accept what I say but if I do my part then I am paying it forward, continuously.

After reading this post, It’s not that I want to say it is “refreshing” to see that black here is black everywhere but rather it seems that colonialism from the main European countries, i.e. France, British, Spain, Portugal, seems to have created a dysfunctional view of people of color, due to slavery and just plain evilness. People of color seem to experience the same treatment, from colonial thinking, both here in America and abroad and such thoughts are even shared among our own brother and sisters and makes it so hard to come together and stand against these thoughts. These same idioms or turn of phrase then tend to translate to actions, the wrong kind, and even into laws or mandates that are so lopsided. I really hope that in writing this I reach even one person who then reaches another and another and it keeps going around and around.


Our thoughts and prayers go to the many families of this horrible senseless and heinous act in Newtown. Why would someone want to kill children bugles my mind. I know that the world tries to make kids grow faster than they should but kids should be innocent and live that way because when they reach adulthood, it will be hard to stay innocent, as a child. I keep seeing on different news site reporting on this heart ranching tragedy today that the president subtly spoke on gun control and about how proponents and opponents are rearing their heads around this tragedy, and to me that is disgusting. Gun control would not have helped in this instance or any other instance because laws only strengthens those who will and chooses to continue to sell weapons illegally to people such as these murders, of today and to those of the past. If they cannot go about legally, then they will find it illegally, which is worst. I think that we should look into educating and providing support and returning the power of discipline to parents and communities and not give more powers to states or governments, who can barely handle what they have on their plates now.

Nonetheless, as I am writing this, I remember that what helped me was a mixture of different type of disciplines handed down by my mother and the people in the community where I was raised in, who knew my family. When spankings stop working or I ended up getting used to it my mother went to something else, such taking what I love away and she either sold it, broke it, threw it away and/or hid it for a while, if it was really expensive; she would also have me kneel facing a wall, for a while contemplating what i have done, without being able to go out and play with my friends, whom I was hearing outside having fun and when that time out was done she would ground me for the rest of the day. So because of these different types of disciplines, I believe that I was spared from becoming a problem in my teens and as an adult. I may have hated it or my mother then or at those times, but I am grateful for it and my mother everyday now, especially that I have a child of my own. Now, are there abusive parents or people out there, you betcha, but we need to find new ways to deal with them instead of having blanket laws that hinder the many parents who truly love and want the best for their kids. So, I am pretty sure that if we look into these people’s past we can see lack of or no discipline because of laws that hindered the parents. I believe that a parent who disciplines their kids have no choice but to be involved as much as possible in their child’s and will be able to see something coming, maybe not all the times but most of the time, and the rest can be picked up by the community and/or school because of the relationship that develops between concerned parents, community and school. I say this because the principal and/or director of my school was on first name basis with my mother and every other parent who had their kids attending the school. Any trouble out of me got to my mom ASAP. That is why i believe that draconian laws are not the answer but community and parent building and/or support are. It takes a village to raise a child, which I had when being raised overseas. That is what we need here in America again. Together we can stand against these evil deeds, divided we fall and these deeds will continue. To show how guns is not where the problem lies, a man today injured 22 kids in China with a knife. So the weapon can be anything. We cannot legislate our way out of this, we need better support and programs to develop our communities and foster goodwill. I am neither for or against gun control, since I do not own one but coming from a country where crimes such as these are committed even without a gun, helps me see beyond the politics and straight to the problem(s) at hand. This tragedy today was senseless and needs to be dealt with at the root and we the people are the root and it does not matter what we have at our disposal to commit heinous crimes such as these. This really sucks.

here is the link to the Chinese tragedy today: