The most wonderful time of the year!!

Many love, blessings, well wishes, hope and peace.

God Bless


Status Update by tdjministries on Facebook

You would be amazed at how much more peace you will have when you do not allow clutter to cloud your soul and tarnish ultimately even how you see yourself.


Happy new year. May this year bring you greater joy, peace, love, wisdom, understanding and knowledge. You are of great importance and you do have something to share with the world or just those around you or who come into your life, even if for a moment. Remember that if the universe, god, or evolution did not see a need for you then would you be here today. You made it here and you are still here, so do not give up if you think you are tired; keep going if you think you have arrived; help another if you think you have done everything you set out for in life. Let us help, guide, share, love, fight and then make up, hold no grudge against one another. God bless.