Second grader in wheelchair set apart from classmates in school photo


When will we learn to treat others right. One may have prejudices but does that give someone the right to mistreat another human being. I wrote on political correctness earlier and how i hate it. It’s good to see where people are and then do what we can to show them where they are wrong. That teacher could have placed the wheelchair where she was and she could have stood on the other side, if she did not want to be next to the child. Or, if she does not care about being seen next to him or not then she could have just place the wheelchair next to her, where she was standing, and then she could have stood up behind the chair or seat on the bench next to the other kids. I mean many different things could have been done. however, do to political correctness they at least made sure that Miles was in the class picture. Well, I hope that the teacher gets reprimanded.

To the stolen generation…

This is an awesome poem, very beautifully written. This poem speaks of self-worth, acceptance, love, respect, life. If you feel alone, lonely, worthless, undesirable, pain, suicidal  don’t give up. It may feel as if people do not care, and some may not, however, there are those that do care. Seek them out. Check this poem out because it will lift up your spirit.


Love Unconditional…

Fairytale Epidemic

If you didn’t already know
How amazing you are
Let me be your eyes
In which you are the star

And with each passing moment
A photograph I will take
As tangible evidence
Of the joy you create

For my eyes are like shutters
To this camera of a mind
I’ll make negatives of your beauty
For you are one of a kind

A picture may be worth
Ten thousand words they say
But your portrait leaves me speechless
As the sight of you takes my breath away

And even in the darkness of sleep
When my eyes are closed tight
My heart is open for you
As your image lights up my night

Light up, light up
As if you have a choice

moscowEven if you cannot hear my voice
I’ll be right beside you dear

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