When was the last time you touched me

The last time that you kissed me

The last time that you said I love you

When was the last time you spoke?

Spoke gentle words?

Spoken words of encouragements?

Spoke the truth?

When was the last time you looked at me?

Do you see me?

Do you really see me?

Do you truly know me?

Do you understand me? Really? Truly?

When was the last time we made love?

You made me quiver?

You gave me tears of joy?

You truly, really, held me?

When was the last time you missed me?

Missed our deep convoys?

Missed our silliest?

Missed our passions?

Do you remember our dreams?

Our goals?

Our hopes?

Our fearlessness?

Our stand?

When was…??

Don’t forget anymore!

We need to talk!!

I hope that this inspires you to speak with you partner, significant other, loved one(s), yourself, even pushes you to meet new, interesting and, even on the quirky side, type of people. When communication lacks, stalls, disappears, and/or stops, I believe that, we can die emotionally, mentally, spiritually and our soul desensitizes. You are not alone in whatever you are going through. I believe that we can learn much from other cultures, people, and faith, those with and next to us and even from ourselves, if we take the time out to get to know, truly know each other and ourselves. If you don’t believe in a God, higher power, universal powers, Great Spirit then seek to believe in true love. I guarantee, true love will bring you closer to believing in the cosmos because of its fierce or shear power, energy and unbreakable bond(s).

Love Unconditional…




To me, the grea…

To me, the greatest pleasure of writing is not what it’s about, but the inner music the words make.


I am learning this as I write more and more for Ekhava. I am usually a stickler for vocab and grammar, even though I miss the mark at times in those department, yet I still try. However, I am leaning that vocab and grammar are good for academics but do not really convey the essence of a thought and/or idea, well at least in my opinion. Truth does not need to be eloquent to reach its mark, it just needs to be said. Once said and/or written, one can look upon it and either elaborate or simplify it so that even a six-year-old can understand it.

I love this quote because I am seeing how writing is like composing a symphony. 🙂

This is an awesome poem, very beautifully written. This poem speaks of self-worth, acceptance, love, respect, life. If you feel alone, lonely, worthless, undesirable, pain, suicidal  don’t give up. It may feel as if people do not care, and some may not, however, there are those that do care. Seek them out. Check this poem out because it will lift up your spirit.


Love Unconditional…

Fairytale Epidemic

If you didn’t already know
How amazing you are
Let me be your eyes
In which you are the star

And with each passing moment
A photograph I will take
As tangible evidence
Of the joy you create

For my eyes are like shutters
To this camera of a mind
I’ll make negatives of your beauty
For you are one of a kind

A picture may be worth
Ten thousand words they say
But your portrait leaves me speechless
As the sight of you takes my breath away

And even in the darkness of sleep
When my eyes are closed tight
My heart is open for you
As your image lights up my night

Light up, light up
As if you have a choice

moscowEven if you cannot hear my voice
I’ll be right beside you dear

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Poetry in Art!

It is poetry made with hands. Beautiful cloth. There is something to be said when you make your own stuff, from your own imagination, thought or your emotion.

Made in Kachchh —

In the village of Tera, every day after lunch, you will find a group of men sitting under a people tree at the bus-stand.
They smoke.
They drink tea.
They discuss life and politics and pursuits and disputes.
And meanwhile some of them tie colourful pieces of cloth.

Tera village1
Tera village2They make very fine knots, nearly about a 100 per square inch! Once the tying is done, the cloth is then dyed in colour to make what is known as “Bandhani” – the most popular art from this region. Tying of cloth is done by women everywhere else in kachchh. So there was something captivating about this scene in Tera.

For me and my camera.

Tera village

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