When one is drunk with power

RT @HuffingtonPost Erdogan vows to increase police powers http://t.co/nTdeLsq5o8

Article: Erdogan makes conciliatory move to end Turkish protests

Erdogan makes conciliatory move to end Turkish protests



RT @HuffingtonPost WATCH: Water cannon douses man in wheelchair during Taksim protest http://t.co/iUXlmzwlmb

Governments around the world seem to just not give a damn about their constituents, each showing it in varied ways, and for some violence against its people included.



Can’t really say anything to that except that the Native American does have a point. Wow!! I can see why the Native-American would feel this way since even now the lands that should be reserved to them and for them are being encroached upon by government and businesses. Again, WOW!!

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