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You would be amazed at how much more peace you will have when you do not allow clutter to cloud your soul and tarnish ultimately even how you see yourself.


It is time to move on, move forward, leave the past, present behind and your future alone. Focus on a new you, a better you, the true you. When you are OK, so then will you be able to help, teach and elevate others, even as you doing you.

Love Unconditional

The Evolution of Eloquence

It’s Time

Sheltered in the consistency of daily events,

Now in this season of changes. It’s,

Time to let go,

Time to shed skin,

Let the old leaves fall,

So, the new ones have a place to come in.


Sheltered in the comfort of what I thought permanent

Now in this season of changes, It’s,

Time to let go,

Time to move on,

Let these old people fade,

So, I have time to meet new ones.


Sheltered in the conformity of those around me and,

Now in this season of changes. It’s,

Time to let go,

Time to to break free,

Let these cracks run through the mold,

So, I have proof that all that I have, am, and will give up,

Is collateral for growth.

– James Revels III

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This is an awesome poem, very beautifully written. This poem speaks of self-worth, acceptance, love, respect, life. If you feel alone, lonely, worthless, undesirable, pain, suicidal  don’t give up. It may feel as if people do not care, and some may not, however, there are those that do care. Seek them out. Check this poem out because it will lift up your spirit.


Love Unconditional…

Fairytale Epidemic

If you didn’t already know
How amazing you are
Let me be your eyes
In which you are the star

And with each passing moment
A photograph I will take
As tangible evidence
Of the joy you create

For my eyes are like shutters
To this camera of a mind
I’ll make negatives of your beauty
For you are one of a kind

A picture may be worth
Ten thousand words they say
But your portrait leaves me speechless
As the sight of you takes my breath away

And even in the darkness of sleep
When my eyes are closed tight
My heart is open for you
As your image lights up my night

Light up, light up
As if you have a choice

moscowEven if you cannot hear my voice
I’ll be right beside you dear

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