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If the only way you can love me is after I have perfected my imperfections, then you don’t love me. God loved us with an everlasting love when we were all unlovable.

Testimony of True LOVE!

Dad’s Moving Letter to Gay Son Goes Viral – Mozilla Firefox.

“Nate, I overheard your phone conversation with Mike last night about your plans to come out to me. The only thing I need you to plan is to bring home OJ and bread after class. We are out, like you now. I’ve known you were gay since you were six, I’ve loved you since you were born. Dad. P.S. Your mom and I think you and Mike make a cute couple.”

I a time where we are guided by dogma, media, ignorance, hatred, it is nice to see that Love is ever stronger than dogma, media, ignorance and hatred. I hope that this inspires us to be more loving towards self and each other.


Love Unconditional…



303 ~ Oh, so you have a list?

Not walking the path that all seem to follow may be hard but true love demands it. When you walk, live, breath, and speak true love you then find your true self and, maybe, even your true love.

Fairytale Epidemic

You say you want a certain kind of girl
That you have it all planned out in your head
But one day I’ll help you to realize
I’ll be the best thing you never intended instead

Some people make lists
Of what they want to see
What they want from a lover
To be exactly how they want them to be

Besides the important things
Like faithfulness and trust
Respectful, kind and caring
Those things are definitely a must

But to the rest of the things
I find them all lame
People aren’t lists
No two individuals are the same

If I end up meeting someone
Who thinks inside the box
I want to show them what it feels like
When true love really knocks

Write stories in their book of life
The ink spilling in rainbow hues
Be the greatest adventure they’ll ever have
To which they’d have no…

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Today’s Lesson

We do attract who and what we are. I was just seating down and setting up my development/production (personal) rails and web development environment when my brother got a call from some girl and they got to talking and the conversation went south for me but great for him. Don’t get me wrong, I am no prude I just think that their should be some sort of decorum because you do not want others to think that the chic you are speaking with is inching toward what society would call a slut. However, I soon realized that I to was judging them like society would and quickly turned the situation, in my mind, into a funny situation.

You see, I have made up my mind to walk more in a way of the “universe” or to be liberated mentally from the shackles of traditions, culture, religion and the box that people tend to place others in. I know how much I do not like to be look upon as this or that so what makes my brother, and the possibly the woman he is speaking with, any different. This turn of events became a teaching moment for me and enabled me to get one step closer to being the man, or in the mindset, I desire and chose to be in, which is LOVE UNCONDITIONAL. I believe that tolerance breaths lies, deceits, and eventually hatred, however, acceptance can only lead to understanding, hope, dream, knowledge and greater cooperation.

tol·er·ance (tlr-ns)
1. The capacity for or the practice of recognizing and respecting the beliefs or practices of others.
a. Leeway for variation from a standard.
b. The permissible deviation from a specified value of a structural dimension, often expressed as a percent.
3. The capacity to endure hardship or pain.
4. Medicine
a. Physiological resistance to a toxin.
b. Diminution in the physiological response to a drug that occurs after continued use, necessitating larger doses to produce a given response.
a. Acceptance of a tissue graft or transplant without immunological rejection.
b. Unresponsiveness to an antigen that normally produces an immunological reaction.
6. The ability of an organism to resist or survive infection by a parasitic or pathogenic organism.

ac·cep·tance (k-sptns)
1. The act or process of accepting.
2. The state of being accepted or acceptable.
3. Favorable reception; approval.
4. Belief in something; agreement.

When you look at both nouns you immediately see the differences, which all boils down to action and reaction. Acceptance is casted more toward the doable whereas tolerance is casted more toward the reactive. Even in the medical part of the description it’s more towards reactive not an active role. That is why I believe that tolerance is not what I want when I deal with my fellow-man (human beings), I want to be more towards the active part of the dealing because when I am active I can mingle, understand and know my opponent, enemy, friend, stranger, and society’s outcast better. Now, I say outcast because that is how I may be seen and/or view or treated base on my whole person both inside and out. That is why I understand my brothers and sisters of the “alternative” lifestyle(s) a little better and I have much more to learn, comprehend and know or see.

I may not be gay, goth, punk, death metal, sadist, or into S&M but I have come to understand that everybody has different needs, wants, desires that are solely theirs and/or unique to them and we should not judge them, unless we too should be judged. My only issue is when people of any camp force their views onto others because they believe their’s is the only way. No, it is not, at least not in the way I understand it. It is different to share who you are with others but beat them over the head or force onto others with your belief is another, at least that is how I have come to understand Christ, Buddha, Ghandi, Mother Teresa, Allah, and others. They preached and thought LOVE UNCONDITIONAL, so I hope that this site and/or corner of the web can be a beacon to this truth, light and hope. I share because I want to LOVE unconditionally as much as possible and grow in and with it. I am not perfect but I will do my best nonetheless.

Love Unconditional

That kind of Love!! :-))

It’s about loving your child regardless of the world’s view.

Raising My Rainbow

Hi Everybody!

Pardon me for being a bit of a flakey, unorganized blogger during this holiday season.  I’ve been very busy managing C.J.’s Christmas expectations.  You see, when he was finished composing it, his wish list was two pages long, front and back, single-spaced with half-inch margins.  He was under the impression that everything that he put on his list would appear under the tree on Christmas morning.  I had to explain how a wish list differed from an order form.  I felt like Scrooge.

Anyway, let’s get down to business…

Things that caught my attention recently:

Move over Toemaggedon!  It’s time for Shoemaggedon!  Yay!

Photograph Of Little Boy Wearing Pink Shoes To Preschool Sparks Heated Blogosphere Debate, Huffington Post, 12/11/12

“A viral photograph of a young boy who opted to wear pink shoes on his first day of preschool has sparked intense debate in the blogosphere.”

Read what…

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Unforgettable Love!!

It is easy for one to get lost in the shuffle of day-to-day life and believe that love is lost, gone, or just plain missing. I do not believe nor think that is the case at all, it’s just that hate sells more. People believe that love is weak, but I know that it is the strongest word, emotion, action and thought that one can give, understand and feel. It takes a lot to forgive, forget, move on, but only takes a moment to destroy, hate, and run from what’s right. Take a moment to admire nature and you will experience love, I guarantee it. Take a moment to help a fellow-man”, truly help, and you will experience true love. Love holds no wrong, no grudge, no record of wrong doing. Can you love like that… I am learning to!!