Sticker shock often follows insurance cancellation

Sticker shock often follows insurance cancellation

my grandmother’s plan seems to have been cancelled as well and was told that she would be able to use the plan to get in home care from the nurse she has been using for a while now. If that does not suck, I don’t know what does. My only iss…ue with Obamacare was the individual mandate, but after seeing how close to home people are affected by that law I pretty much hate it now. Politicians just know how to lie to people in order to get their agenda moved forward. White house officials and, from what I understand, most of the federal government does not have to be in that exchange so the people get screwed again. I know some people are getting lower premiums, but their deductible are high. Some of these people, as a read, are happy to have found lower premiums and/or subsidies but the real issue will come when they have to pay that deductible for anything major and only then will they see how bad this is. I still would not say defund or repeal the law, since there are a lot of good policies in it too, I just want it fix pronto.